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This site is intended for teachers who would like to develop an internet based, multimedia unit regarding Macbeth.  The resources are  categorized for ease of use and include audio, video, image and text options, as well as some interactive exhibits and activities.

Please let me know if you and your students find the site useful!

United Streaming & Annenberg Videos Audio and Etexts Online Shakespeare's Language & the Original Macbeth Macbeth Lessons & Activities Questions and Quizzes Macbeth Primary Source
Medieval Times, the Renaissance and Victorian England Sonnets, Poetic Devices &  Resources Shakespeare Fun and Games  Paintings, Costumes, Maps & Timelines Tragedy Basics for Everyone! All About Shakespeare

United Streaming Offerings (NRHS has a subscription - see notice for login)

Famous Authors: William Shakespeare: 1564-1616 – RUNS 35 Minutes – covers ALL (London, Queen Elizabeth, the Globe, fashion, etc.) For grades 9 – 12 / Shakespeare, Module 9: Macbeth Basics It’s the Macdaddy of macabre murder mysteries—Macbeth. You want blood—you got it! You want conniving conspiracies—Done! (Grade 9 - 12) – Video accompanied by a quiz. / Shakespeare, Module 10: The Characters of Macbeth It’s kings, killings, and kilts. Kilts? That’s right, the Standard Deviants continue their discussion of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Video accompanied by a quiz / Shakespeare, Module 2: What is Tragedy?
Get your carton of ice cream ready and keep a box of tissues close at hand, because you’re about to explore every aspect of tragedy. (Grade 9 - 12) / Exploring the Renaissance (1350-1650) Combining live-action footage, museum material and dramatized segments, this program will provide students with an excellent insight into the "rebirth" of Europe, or the Renaissance. (Grade 6-8)

Online Drama Videos Free at Annenberg

Playing the Part: Characters and Actors in Drama The development of dramatic character, by playwright and by actor, is illustrated through several interpretations of a single scene from Hamlet and an interview with Shakespearean actor John Vickery.

Patterns of Action: Plot and Conflict in Drama  A dramatization of Oedipus Rex demonstrates the classical plot structure. Dramatist A. R. Gurney discusses conflict and plot in contemporary American theater.

Perspectives on Illusion: Setting and Staging in Drama  An interview with set designer Chris Barecca and a documentary overview of types of theaters demonstrate the intertwining of text and technique in dramatic setting.

Myth and Symbolism in Drama Alaskan playwright David Hunsaker's dramatizations of Eskimo myth and his productions of Eskimo translations of Greek tragedies, together with scenes from Oedipus Rex, demonstrate the enduring power and meaning of myth in drama.

A Frame for Meaning: Theme in Drama   Dramatist David H. Hwang discusses the themes and structure of his plays, which include M. Butterfly. Scholars consider thematic interpretations inherent in the production of a single act of Hamlet.


Entire Audio of Play at Wired for Books (nicely done)

The Online Folger Shakespeare Library has many lesson plan ideas, primary source documents, and study guides for students.

Dual versions side by side  (easy prose for students) with illustrations

The Electric Shakespeare notes and resources

Larger print Macbeth Online

Complete Works of Shakespeare

Famous Shakespeare Quotes






Lessons and Ideas

Lesson from Edsitement: Fear and the Dagger of the Mind

Go to Trackstar and type “Macbeth” in the keyword search field.  You can access teacher created resources, many of which are wonderful!

Ambition and Loyalty Activity from Bytesize

Questions for each act may be found at…

The Language of Disease:  Macbeth Destroys Himself Activity

Similar Tasks for Chaos Imagery Throughout the Play

Witty Version of the Re-write a Scene Task

Interesting resources from the UK

Inquest Macbeth Lesson and Materials

Activities from the Rehearsal Room (drama related)

Exploring Exposition in Macbeth (with all materials) at ArtsEdge

The Online Folger Shakespeare Library has many lesson plan ideas, primary source documents, and study guides for students.

Fill-Ins (CLOZE task) for Macbeth

ClassZone Macbeth Classroom Activities 

Fun Task – Find a Modern Day Career for Macbeth and/or his wife! New links needed for career selection – but it’s a great idea!  You can add a Macbeth Resume Writing activity as well!

Career Sites for career choices and personality traits… My Career Checklist at 

Career Quiz from Princeton

2000-01 The Occupational Outlook Handbook compiled by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, some of the emerging occupations are not yet included. Exploring Occupations from the University of Manitoba spotlights 9 major occupational areas and links to dozens of other sites with information on occupations. Career Exploration Links from the University of California at Berkeley Career and Educational Guidance Library are a bit spotty, but if your occupation of interest is included, you're in luck. Careers OnLine's Job Description Index has almost 1,000 job descriptions sorted into 12 interest areas.

Personality Sorters Online – Complete the personality test as Macbeth or Lady Macbeth or ANY CHARACTER!  Check the results!

Guides for Teachers using Shakespeare from PBS

Synopsis and Activities from Ch 4

Macbeth is a Bad Bad Man Webquest (!)



Macbeth Trivia Questions (automated online for review before a quiz or test)

Reading Questions

Macbeth Discussion Questions

Close Reading Questions

Some Interesting Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Macbeth

Self-Quiz with answers…

 Online (brief) Macbeth Quiz








Foods in Shakespeare (comprehensive)

Shakespearean Feast Site

Food Timeline



Virtual tour of the Globe Theatre (stage, yard, middle gallery, etc.)

Panoramic (interactive) photos of Globe

Globe Diagram Printout

Shakespeare and the Globe Theatre - Audio Visual







Luminarium Site for Medieval and Renaissance Works

Children in Victorian England at BBC (mildly interactive exhibit – audio/animations)

Renaissance Interactive Site from the Allentown Art Museum (interactive – audio/animations)

In Search of Shakespeare at the BBC - The Man, his Times & Many Multimedia Activities

Godfathers of the Renaissance at PBS Exhibit

Elizabeth:  Ruler and Legend Exhibit from the Newberry Library (interactive)

Explore the Renaissance at Annenberg – comprehensive exhibit (history, trade, science, exploration)

The Royal Monarch History with Timeline

Life in Elizabethan England:  A Compendium of Common Knowledge

The Elizabethan World at Encyclopedia Britannica (exhibit)








Interactive FLASH game entitled “Will’s Words” – May be used as a vocabulary list & research tool!

Animated Overview of Shakespeare, his language, writing process and different versions of his works

Proper Elizabethan Accents – Pronunciation, Vocabulary, Insults

Shakespeare Glossaries for Readers

Animated Overview of Shakespeare, his language, writing process and different versions of his works

Concordance to Shakespeare

Rhymezone Shakespeare Search (like a concordance)

 Shakespeare Resource Center (his language, his will, authorship debate, globe theater)

A Scansion Website



Comparison of Shakespeare's primary source for Macbeth (Raphael Holinshed's Chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland) and subsequent play.







Gielgud Reads the Sonnets (audio)

All of the Sonnets

The Sonnets

Building Blocks of Sonnets (Types, Structures)

Types of Poetry

A Scansion Website

Poetic Devices Lesson

Simple List of Poetic Devices

Poetry Analysis Worksheet (Things to Consider)

Comprehensive (but not pretty) Poetic Devices Glossary

Sonnet Activities

Writing Shakespearean Sonnets

Incredible List of OBSCURE but Interesting Devices

Literary Terms

More Literary Terms






Shakespearean Murder Mystery Game (nicely done) at the BBC

Shakespeare Insult Generator

Shakespeare Magnetic Poetry Online!

Hangman Online with picture of Macbeth




Essays about Shakespearean Works (by Hazlitt, Freud, Eliot, etc.)

The Shakespeare Mystery – The Debate at Frontline

Serbia’s Modern Day Macbeths (article),,13509-2091714,00.html

Thomas De Quincey - On the Knocking at the Gate

Essay on Witchcraft during Shakespeare’s time…

How Shakespeare Died (Discovery article)







Origins of Tragedy at the Royal Shakespeare Site

Tragedy for the Greeks and Shakespeare

Tragedy Basics Easy to Read

The Nature of Tragedy

Aristotle's Theory of Tragedy (an outline)








Macbeth Related Paintings

Photographs from Shakespeare Performances

Costumes Sorted by Historical Period

Geography of his Works (two maps)

Shakespeare Timeline from Palomar

Timeline and Historical Events Chart

Timeline at PBS








Brief Bio at the BBC

Who Was Shakespeare at PBS (reader friendly – brief)

All About Shakespeare

Absolute Shakespeare has commentary, summary, analysis

Animated Overview of Shakespeare, his language, writing process and different versions of his works

The Learning Section of the Royal Shakespeare Company (interpretation game, casting game, contemporary relevance) 

Shakespeare Resource Center (his language, his will, authorship debate, globe theater)

Macbeth blurb at Factmonster