BEAUTIFUL Chemical Bonding Animations for Scavenger Hunt/Research
compiled by v. guarino


Incredible Site - many anims

PERFECTLY clear animation explaining types of bonds WITH AUDIO!


Different version but just as great WITH AUDIO!


In Spanish AND English with simulation with hypertext covalent, ionic, polar non polar blah blah


Tutorials with Anims for hydrogen, ionic, polar and covalent


Skoolie ENTIRE ANIMATED tutorial abt Bonding WITH AUDIO!


CRAZY quicktime movie library of bonding (benzene, radioactive decay, etc.)


GREAT animation tutorial on Water bond as a LOVE STORY! Fun music/great info!


Tutorials and lovely animations for each bond


Bonding at the BBC – Five pages of text, images, activities (reader friendly)


Chemical Bonding MOVIE COLLECTION - Prentice Hall/ WITH AUDIO explanation!


Balancing Equations Interactive Site


Interactive Bonding Quizzes at McGraw Hill – just to self-check learning/progress


Complete Chem Bonding Tutorials each with many animations at Norton


Ionic vs Covalent Interactive Bonding Quiz Collection


ChemBond Tutorial and anims from McGraw BUT require download of animations… good for at home use.


Chem for Kids Bonding Overview


Chemical Bonding Humor, Games, Limericks


Prefixes and Number of Atoms chart


Ionic vs Covalent


Covalent Bonds, Bond Strengths, bonding in hydrogen, water and oxygen