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  Suggested Websites

To view a comprehensive list of resources for high school students and teachers, please click here.  The sites are organized by topic.

Optical Illusions

simulation of gel electrophoresis

watch it again!

A Guided Tour of Your Body

Heart Tour

Pump Heart Song from Bayer

All About DNA

DNA Tube (short animations)

National Human Genome Research Institute

Secret Worlds: The Universe Within 
View the Milky Way and zoom in all 
the way to subatomic particles


Women in Science

All about Plants

All about fireflies!

How to Search the web

Great fact source

Animated Cellular Processes

Summer Research Program
for Science Teachers

Lab Bench

Science News for kids

Neuroscience for Kids


Internet 4 Classrooms

Blueweb Science Sites

Blue Web'n header graphic

What's Your Environmental

The Scopes Trial

Even more on the Scopes Trial

What's It Like Where You Live?

Multiple Intelligence

Meet Miss Frizzle and Her Magic School bus! 

Some fun brain labs

For meiosis

Another site for meiosis and mitosis

Chemistry of Water


Scientific American

Environmental Health Science

My Environment, My Health, My Choices 

Nature's Pharmacy

The Interactive Cell

Hastings Center: Bioethical Forum

Facing the Future


More immunology

respiratory system

Interactive lessons on respiration and circulation

Making rubrics

Totally Absurd Inventions

Famous Black Inventors

Invention Trivia Quiz

Guided Research

Review Games

Mentos and Coke Experiment

NSF web resources

Drugs and Neurons

We the Teachers

Ice Breakers

Science Songs

More Science Songs

Even More Science Songs

PCR Song

Science Animations

Free Science Lectures and Animations