The PAVE Program 

(Performing And Visual Arts Education)

We "Pave" the way for our future Performing and Visual Artists by:

reparing the talented students to meet the demands necessary for their success, both academically and professionally, and by providing them with a broader knowledge, scope, insight, & balance in a comprehensive program of creative & artistic works.

cknowledging their heritage in the New Rochelle community through a curriculum which  reflects and expresses this diversity.

Viewing themselves as an integral part of the creative process.

mpowering them to become leaders in the arts by developing their creativity, theatricalism, self-esteem, respect, mind and body, and their role as artists.
PAVE I Students will major in one of the arts areas (unless a split major) (Vocal or Instrumental Music, Visual Arts, Theater, or Dance). The end of the year will culminate in and interdisciplinary arts project. Students must audition to get into this program.  It takes place before school.    Satisfactorily completing this year will satisfy the Regents requirements of 1 credit for Art/Music.  A student does not have to major in PAVE, but if they join, they must attend the required classes:  (Visual Arts/Studio in Art/Entertainment Set Design); (Theater/Script Writing/Improvisation/Musical Theater); (Dance/Performance Dance); (Band/Concert Band/Symphonic Band); (Orchestra/Huguenot Orchestra/String Orchestra); (Vocal/Choraleers/Choral).  Students must maintain an overall 80 average in all of the PAVE courses to be promoted at each level.
PAVE II will consist of one Major (alternate days can be taken if there is a conflict with a Life guarding class only).  This then becomes credit.  The other credit is earned through independent study.  (You must earn 1 credit).
PAVE III and IV will be earned through continuing morning classes where offered.  Electives either within or outside the normal daytime school schedule can also be taken.

Upon successfully completing 5 units of credit, students will receive a PAVE seal on their High School Diploma and fulfill the State Education Department requirement for a Fine Arts sequence.