This list is intended for use by teachers and students alike.  While teachers will find a variety of methods and lesson plans used to teach DBQ writing, students will find advice, tutorials and sample questions that may prove helpful.

The goal is to have teachers use this set of resources not only to teach students how to approach the DBQ, but also to create DBQs of their own!  My hope is that, by designing very simple DBQs themselves, they will better understand what is required to respond to one. 

A special thanks goes to Anthony Melendez, our Pace intern, for kindly checking and updating all the links on this page!

I hope this is useful! -Vitoria Guarino

DBQ General Resources Students Creating DBQs Working with Primary Sources Primary Source Collections Responding to the DBQ Sample DBQs DBQ Scoring

DBQ Overviews

The websites listed in this section provide very general information regarding the DBQ writing process.  They are intended as resources that may be used when teachers are introducing the process. 

  What is the DBQ?

Benefits of the DBQ and Tips from Glencoe

The purpose of Document Based Research from the FDR Library

  Tips to help students cope (from NYSUT)

  Comprehensive list of DBQ resources from NYSED

  Coping with Test Anxiety at Teen Health 

  Methods of Addressing Test Anxiety


Student Activities:  Creating & Responding to Their Own DBQ's

  A webquest to help students create a DBQ

   An article for teachers who want students to design DBQ's

  Yet Another webquest  

Designing a DBQ

Create Your Own DBQ Assignment Sheet (teacher site)

How to Write a DBQ


Working with Primary Sources

     How to analyze photographs (intended as a worksheet)

    How to analyze primary sources

    A variety of document analysis worksheets from the National Archives

  National Archive Toolbox

   Getting started with primary sources 

    Primary source exercises from McGraw Hill

    Poster art WWII lesson with links from MarcoPolo

    Primary source exercise from library of congress

    ArtsEdge lesson plan for political cartoons

    Drawing Political Cartoons at PBS (middle school)

   Advertising Analysis



Primary Source Resources

     Top 100 American speeches (audio files)

     The Avalon Project at Yale

     American Memory Project at the Library of Congress

     Archiving Early America

     History Online

    AD Access 

     History Sourcebook (Fordham University - every era)

     Making of America


     Documenting the American South

     World Art Sources

     Eyewitness to History First Person Accounts Collection

    Emergence of Advertising  

   Harper's Weekly Archives 

    American rhetoric site (audio & video)

     Slave Narratives

     The History Place has many images and documents

     CensusScope helps students use statistics & census data

     Primary Source Guide from Berkeley

     The Political Cartoon Society

     Eduplace offers a  wealth of primary source resource sites

    More Political Speeches 

     Greatest Speeches in World Politics from History Place

Responding to the DBQ

  Very basic strategies for answering the DBQ

  DBQ: analysis and resources

  The standard research essay structure

  DBQ:  do's and dont's

New standards for the DBQ from NYSUT

  Comprehensive overview at regents prep

  Writing the DBQ - The essay format

  DBQ format outline 



Sample DBQ's

 Student-created DBQ's

More student-created DBQ's at history teacher net

Online DBQ's at Prentice Hall; students may respond to the DBQ's online!

Regents Prep has a DBQ bank with samples

Edtek offers a variety of DBQ's

More DBQs


Scoring the DBQ

Scoring from The College Board site

Assessing Historical Thinking Skills

 A scoring guide for DBQ's

Some Notes on Scoring the DBQ

 AP US Scoring Checklist

Practice Scoring Guide