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In the Forensic Science courses taught at New Rochelle High School, students do the real work of real forensic scientists making what they do in class authentic.  Because of this, students will be more likely to appreciate the sciences, perhaps encouraging them to choose a career in one of the related science fields.


Students use Bluemaxx alternate light source to locate fibers.


The students in this course are taught the fundamentals of a criminal investigation and how it is applied in a court of law. They learn by doing; they process crime scenes, analyze lab data, conduct scientific investigations, interact with guest speakers, explore the Internet and become familiar with various texts. Students use technology to participate in activities that closely resemble those used by law enforcement personnel, forensic scientists and district attorneys. They document their findings through laboratory reports and legal briefs to ultimately be presented to a student court and jury. All of these tools are designed to engage a wide variety of learners in our school's very diverse community. We also offer two sections of college level forensic science where students receive credit from Syracuse University.

Forensic science is one of the fastest growing fields in the country and is a vital part of the criminal justice system. Forensic science is not only utilized in high profile cases, it is used every day from the beat officer with a Polaroid camera, to the scientist with a computer and an electron microscope. It is an ever-changing field that has spurred much interest among young adults. These young adults are the future Forensic Scientists of our country.

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