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Advertisements/Boosters/Customized Pages to Commemorate Graduation

Friends, families and businesses can order and make recognition ads for seniors.  This is a great way to make the yearbook even more memorable and honor the Class of 2021.

Everything can be done online.   Deadline: January 29.   Follow the link to place your booster/ad now:

For more information:  New Rochelle Ad flyer.pdf 

Order Your Yearbook Now! (Online Orders Only This Year)

Senior Varsity Athletes, Winter/Holiday Photos and Co-Curricular Activity Seniors - We need your photos

In January and February, we need to collect one photo for every senior who is in a co-curricular activity or on a Varsity sport.   We want to make pages to highlight seniors in these areas.    Please upload a photo in the appropriate folder at this link:

Make sure the photo is a .jpg/.jpeg and it should be 300kb or larger.