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Chairperson:  Xiomara Gonzalez

Assistant: Perri Lovallo

(914) 576-4564

The New Rochelle High School Mathematics Department Mission Statement

The New Rochelle High School Mathematics Department provides engaging high quality instruction, a rigorous cogent and comprehensive curriculum, and a supportive collaborative learning environment for a diverse student body.  We recognize and respect different learning styles and respond effectively to optimize learning potential, as we incorporate the theoretical aspects of the discipline into real life experiences.  We teach complex problem solving by developing skills in analysis to explain substantial chains of reasoning, and by using technology as we seek to help students understand the nature and importance of mathematics and how it relates disciplines.  We cultivate and nurture curiosity about mathematics by encouraging inquiry, logical thinking, and critical reasoning. We prepare students for successful roles in an ever-changing society by challenging them to persevere and by instilling an appreciation of the intrinsic beauty of mathematics.

What math course should I take next year?

Not sure what math class to sign up for next year? Review this helpful slideshow to determine the course that is right for you!

Tutoring Options

Free Math Tutoring:

  •  Extra Help Schedule: Students are encouraged to attend extra help regularly. Students may attend extra help with any teacher regardless of their scheduled course section. Members of the math honor society are also available for additional support during these sessions.
  •  Mathematics Regents Tutoring : During these sessions, students who need to retake Regents exams in January 2019 for a higher or passing score will receive preparation focused on each of the following exams: Algebra I, Geometry or Algebra II. The Regents prep program begins on November 1, 2018 and runs through the January Regents administration dates.
  • The Great Potential Program: Students from Purchase College come to the high school to provide academic tutoring in conjunction with Mr. Lavar on TUESDAYS from 3-4:00 p.m. in room 1109.
  • The P.A.S.S. Program: Advanced Placement students provide academic tutoring services to high school students on THURSDAYS in house IV after school. This is facilitated by Ms. Solano.
  • National Honor Society: Student volunteers provide individual tutoring in a variety of subject areas depending on availability. Contact Ms. Minchin, dminchin@nredlearn.org or Ms. Kopstein, mkopstein@nredlearn.org for further information.

Spring 2019 SAT/ACT Test Prep Classes:

  • Applerouth Tutoring:  The New Rochelle Fund for Educational Excellence is subsidizing a program through Applerouth Tutoring for SAT and ACT prep classes leading up to the Spring tests. Classes are offered at NRHS on weekdays or Saturdays, and each class includes 17.5 hours of classroom instruction + 3 full-length practice tests under real testing conditions. The subsidized program cost is $450. Students who qualify at NRHS for Reduced Lunch pay $125 and students who qualify at NRHS for Free Lunch pay $25.  Sign up by Dec 15 for a guaranteed spot in your first choice time slot. The full schedule and registration info is at http://www.applerouth.com/nrfund or click HERE.

Private Tutoring is Available in the Following Subjects:


Math Opportunities and Summer Programs


In-School Programs

 STEM Summer and Yearlong Programs - Review Websites and Check for Application Deadlines!!!

  • Mathematics:
    • Iona Science Technology and Entry Program - Year round program. This program offers a rigorous academic enrichment program designed to prepare students in grades 7-12 for careers in math, science, technology, health-related fields, and licensed professions.
    • M3C Mathematical Modeling Summer Program at Mercy College   provides academically gifted economically disadvantaged high school students the opportunity to take part in a summer long high-level mathematical modeling program.
    • Baruch Leadership Program  Summer - The Baruch Leadership Academy strives to bring talented high school students from around the globe together in New York City for intellectually stimulating and culturally enriching academic exploration. 
    • New York Math Circle  Summer - The Summer High School Math Circle is an academically intensive weekday program for students entering grades 9–12 in the fall that runs for three weeks, five hours a day. A typical day consists of a class in the morning, followed by lunch, and a problem solving session in the afternoon.
    • Stony Brook Mathematics Summer Program - A two week residential camp for students interested in exploring various fields of math
    • Stony Brook Engineering Program - The goal of this one-week program is to introduce students to electrical engineering and also to computer programming. No background in programming, physics, or advanced mathematics is necessary
  • Computer Science:


Math Honor Society

Mu Alpha Theta: National Math Honor Society

Advisor: kdaniel@nredlearn.org

  • The purpose of this organization is to promote scholarship in and enjoyment and understanding of mathematics among high school students.
  • Eligibility: 80+ on Math Regents Exams, Final average of 80+ in Math Courses, Must be Available to Tutor 1 hour per week (after school)
  • To Apply: Provide copy of current transcript and schedule an interview with Ms. Daniel in room 316. One time membership fee is $20
  • National Math Honor Society Information

2018-19 Officers:

  • Co-Presidents: Sophie Goldman & Richard Liu
  • Co-Vice Presidents / Public Relations: Eliza Crocker, Roshan Kenia, & Isabella Vianna
  • Secretary: Stephen Bartell
  • Treasurer: Nayeli Magana

Tools and Resources

Study Guides and Online Resources for Students, Families and Teachers

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