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Administrator: Andrea Schwach

Class of 2020

Welcome to the Campus School!

         The Alternative Campus High School is a part of New Rochelle High School, that has been designed to provide approximately eighty students with a small, supportive setting in which to pursue their high school diploma.  The program offers high school students who have not experienced the success that they are capable of achieving, or the comfort that they are seeking in a school setting, an opportunity to apply for a “fresh start” in our alternative setting.  Student’s who do not demonstrate a strong motivation to enter our program will not be admitted, as we believe that initial motivation is a necessary prerequisite to engagement and success.

         The program provides students with small classes, personalized attention, academic supports, counseling supports, and a variety of instructional approaches. Our smaller learning environment also provides students with a greater sense of belonging to our small community.  Opportunities for community service and cultural enrichment are also provided as part of our program.    We strive to help students improve their self-esteem and we work diligently to help insure that each student experiences and achieves success.  The overwhelming majority of students who enroll in our program demonstrate improved attendance, grades and credit accumulation and go on to earn their New Rochelle High School, Regents Diploma.  After graduation, the majority of our alumni enroll in college.  Other graduates have entered the armed forces, trade school programs or gone directly into the work force.   Almost all continue to maintain ties with our school community, reflecting back to us, a sense of appreciation for the opportunity that they had, to attend our alternative setting.


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    The following letter was sent to New Rochelle families by Superintendent Dr. Laura Feijóo on February 27, 2020
    Dear Families,
    There have been a number of questions about the recent warning from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for schools to prepare to protect against the Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19).
    Our administrative team and Medical Director are closely monitoring the local and global situation. While no confirmed cases of Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) have been confirmed in New York State, we have been notified by Mr. Latimer, Westchester County Executive, that there may be nine (9) suspected cases in Westchester. We must stay calm. We have a plan. Yesterday, we collaborated with principals to go over procedures in place in the school district to safeguard each other and our community from the spread of this and other diseases. The safety and security of our students is a top priority. 
    Collaborative planning has yielded the following plan in The City School District of New Rochelle to prevent the spread of disease: 
    • Masks are available in health offices throughout the district to cover adults or students who have fever and are coughing when they come to the medical office. These masks will have to stay on until the individual has left the school.
    • Any student out for periods of time due to illness should contact the school to ensure access to ongoing curriculum and instruction.
    • Having handwashing facilities available throughout all of our buildings and ensuring that all soap dispensers are regularly refilled. 
    • Providing a teaching segment on handwashing practices for students and staff in all buildings.
    • Increasing each school building’s disinfection program for cleaning student desks, horizontal surfaces and touch points such as doorknobs, drinking fountains, phone receivers and handrails.
    • We are asking anyone with fever and/or flu-like symptoms to stay home. Anyone who presents with fever and/or flu-like symptoms in our schools will be provided a mask, screened for a recent travel history and asked to go home. Students can only return to class after meeting with the school nurse upon their return to the building.
    • Reporting any at-risk patients and their clinical status to the Westchester County Department of Health.
    The NYS Department of Health reports that while there is currently no vaccine to prevent the COVID-19 virus, these simple steps can help stop the spread of this and other respiratory viruses:
    • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Click here for a video on proper handwashing.
    • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.
    • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
    • Stay home when you are sick.
    • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.
    • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.
    We ask, as always, that children, staff or visitors with fever and severe cold or flu-like symptoms remain home until they feel better and are fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication. Contact your medical provider if you have any questions.  
    For additional information about COVID-19, you may contact the NYSDOH Coronavirus Hotline at 1-800-364-3065, or visit If you have questions, please call the health office at your school or Dr. Brooke Balchan, District Medical Director, at 914-576-4264.
    Thank you for your cooperation.


    Dr. Laura Feijóo



    City School District of New Rochelle

    March 10, 2020

    Dear Parents and Guardians,

    The City School District of New Rochelle is pleased to announce that local community organizations have stepped up to help mitigate the food shortage that will be experienced by some students during the two-week closure of three schools in the state-designated Coronavirus (COVID-19) “containment area.”

    We understand that some of our students are food-dependent on the district. As we await support from the state government to help provide these students with food support, we are very thankful to local organizations who have stepped up in this critical time.

    Additionally, we will share information about the 2,822 students who are food dependent with Governor Cuomo’s office. We anticipate that the National Guard will help distribute food to these students in need.

    As we have made clear, the choice to close specific schools came from the Governor's office in consultation with federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other health professionals. The Governor chose to close schools within the containment area – within one mile of the impacted synagogue. The impacted schools are New Rochelle High School, Albert Leonard Middle School and William B. Ward Elementary School.

    The impacted schools MUST close based on the latest guidance from the Governor. In addition, the CSDNR PREP Plan, which aligns with the plan provided by the NYS Department of Health and the NYS Education Department, contemplates closing schools when there is a confirmed case of COVID-19. We will continue to be guided by these documents.

    At this time, there have been no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in our schools. We are closing the three schools from March 11 to March 25 in compliance with the Governor’s directive.


    Dr. Laura Feijóo


    City School District of New Rochelle


    City School District of New Rochelle


    Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order 202.13, issued on March 30, 2020, delays school district elections until a date in June, reserving for future action the adjourned election date and voting methodology.  The Executive Order specifically states:  “Any school board, library board, or village election scheduled to take place in April or May of 2020 is hereby postponed until at least June 1, 2020, and subject to further directive as to the timing, location or manner of voting for such elections.”  The Executive Order does not specifically reference the budget vote, but it is our understanding that since the budget vote occurs on the same date as the election, that too is postponed. Also, the circulation, filing, and collection of nominating petitions has likewise been postponed.



    La Orden Ejecutiva 202.13 del Gobernador Cuomo, emitida el 30 de marzo de 2020, retrasa las elecciones del distrito escolar hasta una fecha en junio, reservando para acciones futuras la fecha de la elección aplazada y la metodología de votación. La Orden Ejecutiva establece específicamente: “Cualquier elección de junta escolar, junta de biblioteca o aldea programada para abril o mayo de 2020 se aplaza al menos hasta el 1 de junio de 2020, y está sujeta a directivas adicionales en cuanto al horario, ubicación o manera de votar por tales elecciones ". La Orden Ejecutiva no hace referencia específica al voto del presupuesto, pero entendemos que dado que el voto del presupuesto ocurre en la misma fecha que la elección, eso también se pospone. Además, la circulación, la presentación y la recolección de peticiones de nominación también se ha pospuesto.


    Lisdalia I. Saraiva

    Clerk and Secretary to the Board of Education

    City School District of New Rochelle
  • NRHS Science Research Team Announcement

    Congratulations to all the participants of the JSHS this past Saturday! 18 NRHS students presented their research at the Junior Science and Humanities Symposium at John Jay High School.
    In the poster division, our award winners are...
    • Aaron Cohen - 3rd Place in Astronomy

    • Yaffa Segal - 3rd Place in Environmental Science

    • Akshara Koottala - 3rd Place in Medicine & Health

    • Rachel Fox - 2nd Place in Behavior

    • Javier Hernandez - 2nd Place in Cell and Molecular Biology

    • Fatima Gonzalez - 1st Place in Cell and Molecular Biology

    • Griffin Bates - 1st Place in Physical Science

    Additionally, Fatima Gonzalez won 1st Place Poster Overall in All Categories!!
    In the speaker division, our award winners are...
    • Josh Berenbaum - 4th Place Speaker in Behavior

    • Jake Egelberg - 2nd Place Speaker in Cell and Molecular Biology

    • Jonny Ecker - 1st Place Speaker in Medical Science

    Also, Josh Berenbaum advances to the State Level as a poster presenter, and Jake Egelberg and Jonny Ecker advance to the State Level in Albany as speakers!!
    New Rochelle High School
  • New Rochelle High School 8th Grade Parent Night Presentation

    Please see the attached slideshow for the New Rochelle High School 8th Grade Parent Night Presentation.

    New Rochelle High School
  • 8th Annual Black History Month Celebration 2020

    WABSE and the New Rochelle Black History Month Committee is proud to present this annual event on Saturday, February 29, 2020. This year we Explore AFRICAA Celebration of the Continent!! Through this exploration, we invite students to learn about the many countries, cultures and people, both ancient and contemporary, that are located on this vast continent.
    Everyone is invited as we Explore AFRICA

    Please see the attached flyer for more details!

    New Rochelle High School
  • Senior Class Gear!

    See the attached flyer to buy Senior Class Gear!


    Visit this site for more information:

    New Rochelle High School
  • New Sports Calendar!

    The District has moved its sports calendar to a new platform. View the Athletics Schedule here.

    City School District of New Rochelle
  • Wall of Fame Nominations for 2020

    Please see below on the NRHS Home Page to find the link to nominate Wall of Fame candidates for 2020.  Thank you!

    New Rochelle High School
  • A Message from the PE Department at NRHS

    Please see the attached flyer for a message about Grading and Attire from the PE Department.  Thank you!

    New Rochelle High School
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