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Welcome to the Campus School!

         The Alternative Campus High School is a part of New Rochelle High School, that has been designed to provide approximately eighty students with a small, supportive setting in which to pursue their high school diploma.  The program offers high school students who have not experienced the success that they are capable of achieving, or the comfort that they are seeking in a school setting, an opportunity to apply for a “fresh start” in our alternative setting.  Student’s who do not demonstrate a strong motivation to enter our program will not be admitted, as we believe that initial motivation is a necessary prerequisite to engagement and success.

         The program provides students with small classes, personalized attention, academic supports, counseling supports, and a variety of instructional approaches. Our smaller learning environment also provides students with a greater sense of belonging to our small community.  Opportunities for community service and cultural enrichment are also provided as part of our program.    We strive to help students improve their self-esteem and we work diligently to help insure that each student experiences and achieves success.  The overwhelming majority of students who enroll in our program demonstrate improved attendance, grades and credit accumulation and go on to earn their New Rochelle High School, Regents Diploma.  After graduation, the majority of our alumni enroll in college.  Other graduates have entered the armed forces, trade school programs or gone directly into the work force.   Almost all continue to maintain ties with our school community, reflecting back to us, a sense of appreciation for the opportunity that they had, to attend our alternative setting.


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Campus School and NRHS News Feeds

  • Greenhouse Gets Generous Ventilation Donation

    Amy's Greenhouse at the Henry Barnard Early Childhood Center has received a donation to upgrade its ventilation system and enhance its energy efficiency from Rough Brothers, Inc., the largest greenhouse design, engineering and manufacturing company in North America. The CEO of Wadsworth Controls, Patricia Dean, donated the environmental control system to work with the equipment being installed. 

    News of the donation was made official when, during its November 13 meeting, the Board of Education approved the resolution to accept the generous gift worth $25,000.

    "We've been eagerly awaiting the green light on this upgrade since August," shared an enthusiastic Kathleen Connolly, who is a Pre-K teacher at the Barnard Early Childhood Center. "We are so excited! Being able to regulate the temperature more accurately is going to make a world of difference for the overall function of Amy's Greenhouse."

    Amy's Greenhouse, a sizable 662-square-foot glass and metal greenhouse, was erected in 2005 in memory of Amy O'Doherty, who perished at the age of 23 in the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. Amy's mother Geraldine Davie, a former Barnard Elementary Pre-K teacher, helped create the facility through generous gifts donated in Amy's memory. Since 2005, Amy's Greenhouse has been utilized for many educational and extracurricular programs, as well as the school's annual 9-11 ceremony.

    "Amy's Greenhouse is a beloved district site," said Connolly. "Along with being an enduring living memorial, the greenhouse is part classroom, part science lab, part seed starter, part plant conservatory, and much more."

    The system, which will be installed this winter, includes a new environmental control system, horizontal air flow management fans, and evaporator cooler. Together, these components will be controlled as a single, integrated system.
    Rob Tanzer, who heads the Institutional Greenhouse and Conservatory Restoration & Renovation group at Rough Brothers and is known as the company's "greenhouse geek," has been the district's point person. Tanzer's team of experienced engineers, designers, manufacturers, and constructors is an industry leader in monumental conservatory renovations, construction, and recreation.

    "Everyone at Rough Brothers is so pleased to be able to do this for New Rochelle," said Tanzer. "The greenhouse means so much to so many people in this district and community; it's an honor to provide these materials and installation - at no charge to the district - so that programs and positivity can continue to grow in Amy's Greenhouse." 

    Connolly said the district is thrilled to have made this connection with Rough Brothers.

    "After this new ventilation system is installed, Mr. Tanzer has said that Rough Brothers will continue to work with us," she added.

    She is particularly looking forward to working with their team to create an ongoing maintenance schedule. That would keep Amy's Greenhouse performing at its best, so it can continue to provide a place of learning, reflection and solace.

    City School District of New Rochelle
  • iRobot Co-Founder Beams into Albert Leonard

    The Robotics Club at Albert Leonard Middle School received a very different kind of robocall on November 7, and it had the district's aspiring roboticists very excited! 

    Helen Greiner, a co-founder of the company iRobot - the Fortune 500 company that gave us the Roomba - beamed in for a video conference with students. Greiner is recognized as a Highly Qualified Expert, and advises the United States Army on its robotics programs. She was named a Presidential Ambassador for Global Leadership by President Barack Obama and Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker in 2014. 

    The roughly 30-minute Q&A session came just as the students are preparing for robotics tournaments in January and February. Questions ranged from how Roomba products are used, to ideas for how their capabilities could be expanded for other applications. Students were also interested in machine learning, and how robots gather and apply knowledge as they function. 

    Greiner shared stories about the research and development that went into bringing the Roomba to market, including one account of an early test model that used "whiskers" to sense how close it was to walls or furniture, just like a mouse does.

    The robotics students shared their ideas for the upcoming tournaments, focused on the general topic "Into Orbit."

    They are working on a Chat Bot - an artificial intelligence developed to converse with astronauts to help alleviate feelings of homesickness and other issues related to the isolation they may experience in outer space. Also, Interstellar Truck Stop explores how a truck stop in space - and its robot attendants - may offer interstellar travelers a place to refuel and relax.

    Greiner extoled the virtues of "keeping it simple" as they develop their ideas. She also shared thoughts on the future of robotics in the home and beyond, and some very human wisdom in the form of career advice. 

    "Figure out what you're interested in; what you're passionate about," she said. "Pursue that, because then your career is not a job, it's really just what you love doing".

    "It's not every day students get an audience with the co-founder of a leading robotics company," said Robotics Club faculty advisor Stephen May. "We're talking about an internationally renowned roboticist who's had a hand in technology that's affected the daily lives of so many people. How cool, that she spent this time with our students!"

    During the teleconference Greiner shared that she, like many of the Albert Leonard students, is a big Star Wars fan. It has been reported that the robot character R2-D2 inspired her toward pursuing a career in robotics. As the session wrapped up, one student asked her if there was anything else she liked about the movie.

    "There was a little cleaning robot on the Death Star," she recalled, referencing the "mouse droid" that George Lucas named the MSE-6. "That was a lot like the Roomba."

    City School District of New Rochelle
  • 9th Grade PTSA Presenation

    This is the presentation from the PTSA on November 1, 2018 regarding 9th grade

    New Rochelle High School
  • Watch the Oct. 22 Town Hall Meeting with Dr. Magda Parvey

    Interim Superintendent Dr. Magda Parvey answered questions from the community at a Town Hall meeting in the Linda E. Kelly Theater at New Rochelle High School. She was accompanied on stage by Board of Education Vice President Amy Moselhi. Board member Paul Warhit moderated. View the meeting here.

    City School District of New Rochelle
  • Progress Reports Available

    Parents and Guardians of Middle and High School Students,

    Progress reports for students in New Rochelle High School, Albert Leonard Middle School and Isaac E. Young Middle School have been mailed and should arrive in homes early next week (week starting October 21.) The reports are also now available on your Home Access account.


    City School District of New Rochelle
  • Meet Dr. Parvey at Oct. 22 Town Hall Meeting

    Community members will have a chance to ask questions of Interim Superintendent Dr. Magda Parvey at the Board of Education's next Town Hall meeting, 7 to 9 p.m. Monday, Oct. 22.
    The session will be open to the public and will be held in the Linda E. Kelly Theater at New Rochelle High School, near the entrance off North and Braemar avenues. This will be the second in a new series of meetings that the Board has initiated with the community to hear and respond to questions from parents, students and others.
    It will be an opportunity for the community to become better acquainted with Dr. Parvey, who was named Interim Superintendent on Oct. 2. She replaced Dr. Brian Osborne, who left after four and a half years in the position.
    Dr. Parvey had served as Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction and Chief Academic Officer since joining the City School District of New Rochelle in 2016.
    The District will provide Spanish language translation for those in attendance, and the session will be streamed live via the District website, Participants can submit questions to the district clerk's office in advance or submit questions on index cards the night of the Town Hall. Those who would like to submit questions in advance can email them to Citizens who cannot attend the Town Hall are also welcome to submit questions via the same email address. 
    The Board of Education plans to host several more Town Hall meetings throughout the school year.  Dates will be forthcoming.
    City School District of New Rochelle
  • PTSA Junior Presentation

    This is the presentation from the PTSA meeting on October 12, 2018 regarding important information for Junior year students and parents.

    New Rochelle High School
  • PTSA Senior Meeting

    This is the presentation held at the PTSA meeting on September 27th that goes over senior year events, especially the college application process and other useful information for all seniors. 

    New Rochelle High School
  • Wall of Fame Inductees

    See below to find the announcement for this year's Distinguished Alumni Wall of Fame inductees.  Thank you.

    New Rochelle High School proudly congratulates four alumni who were selected for induction into its Distinguished Alumni Wall of Fame.  Dr. Michael Oxman, Class of 1954; Ms. Madeline Hooper, Class of 1963; Dr. Cheryl Tyler, Class of 1992; and, Mr. Rasaun Young, Class 1993 were elected on the basis of their outstanding professional achievements along with their notable contributions to their respective communities. Their plaques will be unveiled during a ceremony to take place on:

     Thursday, December 6, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. at the House 2 stack area.

     Those interested in attending must email Sue Riordan, no later than December 1, at:

    New Rochelle High School
  • Math Department Dual Enrollment Courses

    Greetings Parents of New Rochelle High School:
    The Math Department is pleased to announce that we have expanded our dual-enrollment course options. 
    Students enrolled in full-year College Algebra, College Precalculus or College Calculus at the high school are now able to earn four SUNY credits at a reduced rate through the WCC Early College Experience Program (ECE).  The cost per credit is $61 this year.
    Please review the attached application for further information and details. The deadline to submit these forms is Friday, September 28th. If your child is enrolled in one of these courses, then we encourage you to apply.
    Should you have any questions, feel free to give my office a call (914-576-4564) or send me an email.
    Xiomara Gonzalez
    New Rochelle High School

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