AP Art Program

Artist: Brittney Benjamin '21

Artist: Brittney Benjamin '21

Advanced Placement Studio Art


DUE : Friday February 11th 2022 @ 3:00PM

  • Applicant portfolios must contain all of the requirements

  • No late portfolios will be accepted.

The Advanced Placement Studio Art course at NRHS is a college-level studio experience designed to challenge highly motivated art students. The course involves assembling a portfolio and submitting it to the College Board in early May for an evaluation. A student who receives a high score may receive college credit or advanced standing in college, depending on the policy of the school they attend.

AP Studio Art requires a serious investment of time and effort. Unlike most art courses, most of the work is done during free time or at home, because class time is often devoted to criticism and discussion. The course is especially useful for students interested in applying to art schools or studying art in college, but is open to anyone who has taken NRHS art classes.

The fee charged by the College Board for evaluating portfolios is approximately $93.00. A substantial reduction is available, thus no student should decide against taking the course for monetary reasons.

Admission to A.P. Studio Art is based on a portfolio review by all of the Art Department staff. Interested students should submit the required portfolio IN PERSON no later than the date above.

JOIN: https://classroom.google.com/c/MjI3NDY1MTIxOTUw?cjc=jasmjr5

Any questions regarding this portfolio, please ask your current art teacher, Ms. Schomber, Mrs. Brock or Mr. Seaboldt.

No late submissions will be accepted.

AP Studio Art Application Portfolio Requirements

  • #1 can be an existing artwork

  • #2 and #3 must be made for this application

  • A bicycle is in room 430 for your use

#1 - CHOICE PIECE: Any Artwork that Shows off your Skills

Submit 1-3 image(s) of this artwork

This may be an artwork previously created in an art class.

The artwork may be in any size, 2-D, 3-D, and in ANY media 

Grading will be based upon skill, proficiency, and competency in:

  • The skillful use of Media 

  • The skillful use of Design and Composition 

  • The skillful depiction of the imagery 


Your powers of seeing and drawing from direct observation. 

Submit 1 image of this artwork

Drawing from direct observation is also referred to as drawing from life. The artist uses their media of preference to draw a subject by observing it in real life as opposed to using a photograph.

Grading will be based upon skill, proficiency, and competency in:

  • The skillful use of monochromatic Media 

  • The skillful use of Design and Composition 

  • The skillful direct observations utilizing the Elements of Art 



Submit 3 images for this 3-D work ( 3 views )

Sculpt your interpretation of the 2 words. Think outside the box. Get out of your comfort zone. Be creative with materials you have at home or see your art teacher for any other materials you may want.

 If you use clay, make sure you finish at least 1 week before the deadline to have it fired in the kiln



Grading will be based upon:

  • The creative, inventive, and imaginative use of media in relation to the prompt ALONE / TOGETHER

  • The bold use of design and composition in relation to the prompt ALONE / TOGETHER

  • The quality of the depiction of the imagery  in relation to the prompt ALONE / TOGETHER