ss honor society

Twelve New Rochelle High School students were inducted into the

Rho Kappa Honor Society earlier this month, in recognition of excellence in social studies.    

Alexandra Bruff, Lauren Bryan, Cesar Coreras, Christopher Contreras, Meredith Gray, Jordyn Ghiggeri, Julio Guerra Salazar, Leila Janniello, Daniela Maldonado, Michael Rockoff, Micaela Waterston, Eileen Wiesner have all worked to promote social studies in the school community. 

They arranged the showing of “Hidden Figures,” a movie about a team of female African-American mathematicians who served a vital role at NASA during the early years of the U.S. space program. They raised $400 for UNICEF-Ukraine in a waffle fundraiser, they highlighted Inspirational Women in the House III Stacks during Women’s History Month and helped transform high school lockers into an eye-catching mural of books by African American authors.  

Student leaders in the Honor Society also added historical events and quotes to the school’s daily announcements, which both edified and inspired the entire NRHS Community.  

Social Studies chairman Gustavo Barbosa reminded the inductees that the honor society has little meaning without service and urged the students to make an individual promise to continue to serve the high school and the New Rochelle community.